With a constant flow of people and valuable merchandise, luxury and retail stores have their own security risks. Additionally, we know we are the first impression thus we ensure the deployment of courteous customer centric personnel, while still maintaining a highly visible presence.

Effective Security Solutions

We work closely with our client’s store managers to recognize the unique aspects of their operation and tailor our security solution to confirm to those specific needs which will ultimately recognize how theft and crowd issues occur, reduce your exposure to loss and identify suspected offenders.

Our security personnel on site regularly address safety and security concerns before they develop into problems, preventing merchandise loss and potential risks. MC Security keeps up to date on luxury and retail security concerns and conducts frequent review of services offered to achieve sustainable improvement to mitigate any threats. 

Services Brief

Our tailored luxury & retail store security solution includes:

  1. Door/Entrance Control Services 
  2. Customer greetings (Multilingual personnel available upon request)  
  3. Crowd Control Services 

Skilled & Experienced Operatives

Over a Decade of Service

Licensed by the SGSIA

Tailored Security Solutions

Dedicated Account Management

Member of the HKSA


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